Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Traducción al ingles por Luis Ituarte

(Mas abajo aparece el original en español)

“If the police requires of a thousand forms and vehicles, the culture, has thousands of forms and requests a vehicle”: bENSON.

“El Centro Cultural Itinerante”
(The Itinerant Cultural Center)

What is it? A portable and interactive cultural center. It is an efficient program that it is totally equipped and includes physical space to provide cultural services for the community in different locations of the city.
As urban equipment, has a very particular and novel characteristic, is that it is mobile; it can be move to the communities who require their services.
Consist in an array of human resources in action, equipped with multi function spaces for different uses, that is moved by a truck. It is mounted for short periods of time with small crane at a given community. this truck “transformer” comes with the human resorses and all the necessary tools to install and run the facility to provide cultural services with an artistic, and social health orientation to the community.

This mobile arts center is been design with an innovative spectacular aye catching organic arquitecture, with inflatable roofs of dual functionality.
The activities of this portable community Center will knit a cultural net in the whole city and will generate a memorable visual and human experience, full with interactions in deserving communities.
Direct Benefits:
Ø Being mobile,
Ø It makes possible to assist diverse communities of people that regularly don't count with economic resources to displace them selfs and their families to the traditional spaces where cultural services are provided.
Ø Will help these communities to address serious social problems.
Ø Generates interaction between professionals of social, cultural, artistic groups and specific communities.

Programs will be based on general cultural assumptions contextualized in particular projects for each community.

These programs will say:
Ø Yes to reading, literature and the humanities.
Ø Yes to the initiation in the arts.
Ø Yes to the diversity of thoughts.
Ø Yes to the social organization for specific projects.
Ø Yes to a healthy individual and social development.
Ø Yes to the application of the human rights.
Ø Yes to value and respect to people and the environment that conform each community.
These programs look for to create and validate projects that visualize alternative and traditional forms that bear to the reflection of critical and social character of community culture of the city.

Projects :


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